Artists' Promotion & Representation

The Baker Howard Contemporary has represented and promoted many dozens of artists over the last twenty years, and a significant proportion of these have become highly successful. Below you will find a few examples of how we have helped and supported our artists at recent shows. 

If your work is of the required quality we will be very happy to discuss a solo or joint exhibition with you in London or, indeed, any where around the world!

Artists promotion

The BHC is adept at maximising promotional opportunities and budgets for our artists. 

After the required negotiation, the organisers of the Budapest Art Fair used our artists as indicative of the Fair's quality by placing outdoor posters in strategic spots all around the city. This drew a huge number of punters to our booth and the fair.

Promotion during a show

There are many ways we promote our artists both before and during a show; a few examples of which are foregrounded below.  We prefer a creative, energetic and engaging approach which gives our artists the opportunity to excite clients and customers, which thus increases the chances of work selling. We are always enthusiastic about 'interactive' events, and have regularly hired DJ's for the evening to enhance a live painting performance. Artworks produced at these events are always available to buy after each show. 

If the artist and/or client has a decent promotional budget we can, of course, take out display adverts in the national, regional or art press, which is a highly effective way of generating interest. We look forward to supporting our next range of artists, and developing other cost-effective and creative solutions to promote you and your exhibition. And don't forget, it is the artist that takes 100% of sale proceeds, with the BHC charging a simple up-front flat fee.

Promotion in the Evening Standard

For a show in London, the Evening Standard is the most important newspaper. Directly promoting our artists has always been crucial to their success, as here with one of our live painting performances. The BHC is always happy to invest in creative talents and give them national exposure where possible.

Display advertising in the Evening Standard

Along with editorial coverage, advertising is a crucial component of any marketing activity. This advert was hugely successful in driving people to our exhibition in Greek Street.

Digital Advertising in Time Out

Digital media has rocketed in importance over the last few years. The BHC reflect this shift from more traditional methods of communication, and now work with agencies who can produce coherent and relevant content that maximises opportunities in the digital sphere.

Marketing collateral

Notwithstanding that social media has taken a huge leap forward in the art world over the last few years, design and printing of good quality, attractive exhibition brochures to support the show is still important. The BHC has written and designed dozens of these, and we will be very happy to help with yours.

Live performances

Organising live performances is how we create ongoing interest in a show, such as here with Patrick Schmidt producing another fabulous line installation at our Budapest booth in 2022.

Live painting displays

At the heart of what we are all about as a Consultancy is the artists. Here Sumit Sethi has just conducted a live painting performance, from which the canvasses were for sale after the show. 

Solo dance performances

As highlighted previously, we always endeavour to synergise a venue for maximum effect. This could include DJ sets, book launches or other artists' performances. At our first Budapest show, we organised a live single dance performance with the brief to reflect the paintings on display.

Duo dance performances

At our award-winning booth in Budapest 2022, we organised a duo dance performance which reflected the exhibits. This was very well received and created a good deal of interest, driving many art lovers to our booth.

Interactive Performances

Keeping interest alive during a pop-up show is always important. In Charing Cross Road we organised a painting-on-artist performance. This highly creative event gained rave reviews.

Video loops

To keep a show 'live' and interactive, the BHC likes to have a video display running at all times. Usually these will feature a range of work and performances from our artists.

Interaction with visitors

During a show, we always love our visitors to become involved with the artists and exhibits, such as here in Brewer Street. And everyone is happy to get some funky pictures for their Instagram.


The most important aspect of the whole show is clearly the artworks themselves. But without decent planning, logistics, shipping and insurance, no show is possible. At the BHC we pride ourselves on getting all of the small 'back-room' details right to ensure that our artists are able to make the most of the opportunities an exhibition offers them.


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